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Totalite Truss
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Total Structures Inc. is proud to introduce an entirely new truss line to its product range. TOTALITE is a lightweight, durable, European style, conical connection truss that is manufactured in US standard increments. An extensive stock of the 12" box version in 10, 8, 5, and 2ft truss sections and a full range of corners, bases and accessories are available for immediate dispatch.

Total Structures introduced TOTALITE in response to a demand for this inexpensive style of truss in a non-metric format. The lightweight, but structurally strong design of this style of truss now dominates the exhibition halls of Europe, but has been slow to catch on in the US due to it's previous unavailability in US standard lengths and long lead times from European manufacturers.

TOTALITE fills a hole in our product range between our New Wave truss range and our Light Duty rigging truss, and is lighter, less expensive and more appropriate for the exhibition, conference, television, decorative and small show market.

Despite its decorative looks, easy portability and low cost, TOTALITE is very much a performance product and has surprisingly high load capacity due to the direct chord connection between trusses and excellent geometry between main chords and diagonal bracing. A 20' span supports a uniformly distributed load (U.D.L.) of 3,000 Lbs with only a 2" deflection.

Like all Total Structures truss products it is highly modular and can be configured in a number of different ways.

All standard TOTALITE products are available from inventory from both the California Head office and our U.S. east coast warehouse facility in Atlanta, GA.

TOTALITE is just another example of Total Structures providing....

All the support you need....


Totalite Truss
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