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Stage Roof Systems
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The Total Structures' Outdoor Stage Roof Design is now the world wide industry standard, with systems in every major country. The flexibility in the concept makes it the most versatile. expandable roof system in the market today. A typical structure has a perimeter grid made up of standard truss which would usually be 10ft sections, although other modules can be accomodated. The width and depth of the roof is determined by the number of modules in each direction. The maximum allowable span is 80ft (larger custom construction can be achieved), cross the stage with virtually no limit on the depth. The roof is formed by constructing a matrix of ladders and truss which make a series of identically sized bays inside the structures. It is this feature which gives rise to massive point load capacities anywhere under the grid.

The payload of the roof is governed primarily by the number and type of towers at each side and the choice of perimeter truss: Medium Duty, Heavy Duty, Fold Flat or even Folding Catwalk Truss. Similarly payloads range from 6 Tons for small roofs to 25 Tons and above for larger constructions. The roof is covered with high grade reinforced PVC material which is divided into pieces on large roofs for easy handling.

The concept of the roof structure is so versitile that a large roof can be split into two separate smaller roofs by adding only a small number of components.

Integral PA wings of various sizes can be added to the main roof structure for a major concert or tour.

As the majority of components are essentially two dimensional, the structure requires very little volume for transport and storage, especially when the fold flat or folding actwalk truss are used around the perimeter. With each intersection using only four bolts, the largest of roof constructions can be achieved remarkably quickly with a minimum crew.

Please contact us for a consultation to help you decide which roof format would be best to suit your needs. +1 805 676 3322, or if you would like us to contact you, please e-mail us on info@totalstructures.com

Stage Roof Systems
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