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Fold Flat Catwalk Truss
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Fold Flat Catwalk Truss
Working on the same principle as the other Fold Flat Trusses in the range, the plan bracing is in the bottom of the truss and incorporates a platform to allow a more comfortable work space on the truss. It should be noted that this does not provide a strict catwalk and all usual safety procedures for working at height on truss should be followed. If a "true" catwalk is required that meets OSHA standards, then we recommend Fixed Catwalk truss.

The truss is typically fabricated using 2" x 3/16 wall main chords and fixed fork end connections for speed of assembly.

The truss measures 35" x 26 ½" when open, but closes down to only 6" for reduced transportation and storage volume.

The truss is designed in accordance with ANSI E1.2 standard to span 60 feet and carry over 5000 pounds of uniformly distributed static load.

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