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Twilight Park - This time, bigger really is better! 
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The new roof at Twilight Park

Twilight Park

There is a trend in our industry, as there is in most of the world, to make equipment smaller or, if you can't make it smaller, pack more features into the same package you already have. We see it in moving lights, speakers, consoles, even truss. Due to the laws of physics though, this downsizing doesn't work as well with outdoor stage roofs.

As an example, take a look at the latest system recently installed by Event Lighting at the Twilight Park Amphitheater, located in Woodlake, California. They had a simple goal - construct a large outdoor stage roof that could handle the largest touring shows brought to their venue, and not worry about load capacity. The solution was simple - use a lot of aluminum, build a really big truss, and then add even more material to give it even more capacity.

Working in collaboration with Jeff Reder of Clark Reder Engineering, the teams at Total Structures and Event Lighting designed a system based around the already proven Extra Heavy Duty Truss format. Already owning a considerable amount of this robust product, Event Lighting was familiar with the capabilities of the truss and was able to offset their purchase costs by using a standard product from their equipment inventory. Using the design principles which have been at the heart of every Total Structures ladder roof system ever produced, Reder applied this body of experience to the latest requirements of the current building codes and engineering guidelines that govern outdoor temporary structures.

The result is a system with a clear stage width of over 80 feet and a load capacity in excess of 60,000 pounds. With the continuous slope covered PA wings the total system capacity is north of 100,000 pounds. Overall, the structure is 155 feet wide and gives the venue 45 feet of trim height under the main grid. However you want to measure it, this is certainly one of the largest aluminum roof systems ever produced.
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