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Rose Brand expands rigging sales
with Totalite truss stock
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Totalite truss stock

With increasing demand and a need to get gear to customers faster than ever before, Total Structures announces the addition of Rose Brand Theatrical as its first stocking distributor for the full line of Totalite truss products. With a large stock of the most common components including base plates, corner sections, and connector hardware at its Secaucus, New Jersey location, Rose Brand’s sales team will be able to help customers with their equipment needs and will be able to provide equipment with shorter transit times than before. Customers in the western US aren’t being left out, with shipments coming from Rose Brand’s west coast facility located in Sun Valley, California.

“Rose Brand has put a great emphasis on expanding their rigging department and has done a terrific job of making sure they educate their customers about what they really need” says Adrian Forbes-Black, Vice President of Total Structures. “When they approached us about becoming a dealer for our line of truss products, we didn’t hesitate to suggest they take on our Totalite line as a stocked product in their facilities.” With its ability to span up to 50 feet on two rigging points, Totalite can be used for long curtain runs by Rose Brand’s drapery customers as well as those clients who need a lighter, faster to assemble truss system.

Totalite, a line of European style pin together truss first introduced by Total Structures four years ago, is a lightweight and lower cost truss alternative to conventional bolt together truss. The lower self weight of the truss, coupled with its greater load capacity, makes this product ideal for productions where weight savings can make the job easier and more cost effective. With truss lengths measured in feet rather than meters, Totalite is easier to use in place of bolted truss as compared to similar products which are only available in metric measurements. Unlike other products which may look similar, Totalite is fully supported by California stamped engineering data, and complies with ANSI E1.2-2006.

“We’re very pleased about our new partnership with Total Structures,” says Rose Brand’s Zoe Paine. We are excited to find a product that will dovetail so perfectly with many of our customer’s projects. Total Structures and Rose Brand have been friendly for years; we look forward to working together.”
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