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Announcing Kinesys-ready Pointman Hoists
for the North American Market
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Pointman Lifting Products

Ventura, California – August 2,2016 - Kinesys automation customers have a new choice in chain hoists for their systems. After successful testing of several models, Total Structures is excited to announce Pointman Electric Chain Hoists have been approved for use with the Elevation drive system. Currently hoists are available in ¼ Ton, ½ Ton and 1 Ton capacities, with maximum speeds ranging from 40 to more than 70 feet per minute. All units have the added benefit of complying with the D8+ hoist standard common throughout Europe, offering a 10:1 design factor, dual brake assemblies, and overtravel limit switches.

“When we look at the North American market for variable speed chain hoists Kinesys is the company that we see time and again. Pointman users have been asking from day one when we would be able to offer them a unit that can plug into their automation systems, and we are very happy to have that option ready for them now”, said Adrian Forbes-Black, Vice President of Total Structures. “The modular design of our hoists makes this conversion very straight forward, and a natural continuation of our product’s evolution.”

This development marks the first time a chain hoist has shipped from a manufacturer ready to work with the Kinesys drive system. Traditionally Kinesys has done its own conversion work on hoists at their facility, requiring additional handling and lead-time for delivery. “We are excited to add Pointman to our list of available Kinesys machinery and the fact that Pointman can ship their hoists in a Kinesys-ready format is a benefit to both companies but even more for the customer” comments David Bond of Kinesys USA. “Add in the fact that these hoists are available with a D8+ rating and the end-user sees even further benefits”.

The Kinesys – ready units are assembled and tested in the United States, offering customers short lead times for new hoists. Kinesys has upped their focus on the North American market with the addition of Kinesys USA Inc. headed up by David Bond as North American Sales lead. The Kinesys USA warehouse and training facility is located in the Atlanta area which is excellent for transport and travel. The partnership with Pointman offers the opportunity to improve delivery time and potentially reduce the shipping cost for the heaviest part of the system which further supports the company’s goals of servicing the market.

As with all Elevation – ready systems, the hoists can be used in standard fixed speed mode when coupled with a fixed-speed adaptor. Pointman hoists are also available with encoders which operate with the Kinesys DigiHoist fixed speed automated hoist controllers enabling features such as positional feedback and cue programming.

Elevation compatible Pointman hoists are available for purchase exclusively through Kinesys USA. Fixed speed hoists are available through all recognized Pointman Lifting Products distributors and Total Structures.

For further information, please contact Elmer Veith of Total Structures
on +1 404-315-6508
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