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Successsful Lightlock Class held at
Park Avenue Armory with the RSC
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Lightlock at RST New York

Turning their temporary theater into a classroom for an afternoon, the Royal Shakespeare Company invited guests to learn about the development of their Lightlock technology for moving light fixtures and discover how it can be used in their own projects. Presented by the head of lighting for the RSC, Mr. Vince Herbert, the discussion covered the evolution of theater lighting design from Shakespeare’s times up to the present day and how designers have overcome the technological challenges presented by each step forward in lighting science. Attendees, covering the spectrum from designers, consultants, to users and programmers, were able to see Lightlock in action as well as tour the company’s portable version of the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

The RSC Lightlock’s revolutionary technology offers designers never before available flexibility in the placement and use of moving head lighting fixtures. With its auto sensing motion dampening, Lightlock allows fixtures to be hung on very lightweight rigging systems such as cables or small battens without being concerned about undue movement of the fixture. The self contained unit requires no control signal or programming, making it a plug and play device. Moving fixtures can now be used as changeable focus specials as well as allowing the movement of fixtures without the worry of disturbing other parts of the lighting system. Lightlock was developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company as a direct result of their needs created by the redesign of their key performance spaces. Each of these lighting systems allows moving light fixtures to be used without the need for cumbersome trusses and catwalks, and makes it possible to install fixtures on cable winches which allow service to be conducted at floor level. This ability to keep technicians on the deck while servicing equipment makes equipment maintenance faster, easier, and less costly for all involved.

This event was presented with the help of the staff at the Park Avenue Armory, the lighting department of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Pook, Diemont, and Ohl (New York area dealer for the RSC Lightlock) and Total Structures, manufacturer and distributor of Lightlock in North and South America.
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