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Closing out 25th anniversary year with big
projects, new products, and more awards
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TSI - Debuting Product Award



Total Structures closes 2016, its 25th year of business in the United States, with the debut of its latest award winning products. Halo and Sky-net, fall protection solutions for Total’s ground support tower systems and outdoor roof grids, received the Best Debuting Rigging & Staging Product award from Live Design during LDI 2016. Both products are designed to work with new systems as well as existing roof systems.

Halo provides vertical fall protection and wire rope ladder mounts for 18 inch and 20.5 inch ground support tower systems. This addition of safety equipment will allow technicians to gain access to the tower head block to set hoist chains and to install grid lock off hardware once the structure has been raised into position. Users can add horizontal fall protection lines between the towers once the grid is raised into position. This addition gives technician protection while working on the grid itself.

Sky-net is a modular fall prevention net system designed for use with Total Structures’ industry leading ladder grid outdoor stage roof systems. Scalable in design, Sky-net can be added to customer’s existing systems without modification to the equipment they currently own. New users can include this option when specifying any new staging packages. The flexible design allows coverage to be added only where technicians will be accessing the system, or over the entire grid.

While celebrating 25 years of exceeding customer’s expectations and pushing the state of the industry forward, Total Structures continued to live up to the motto “All the Support You Need.” Every year has an amazing array of projects, and 2016 was no different. Starting the year with two huge projects for overseas theme park customers, the company simultaneously held it’s fifth installment of its Outdoor Structures workshop at the Ventura headquarters. This commitment to serve customer’s needs with both equipment and knowledge would continue throughout the year.

2016 saw Total Structures take on diverse projects ranging from architectural lighting standards for permanent installation at a Southern California events facility, to a portable theater fly house that will tour Japan, to permanent rigging grids being installed throughout the country. These projects followed Total’s tried and trued method of combining standard products with custom components, giving clients the solutions they need while minimizing the hit to their budgets.

New product development never stops, with the introduction of the 16” x 16” Multi Purpose truss rolling out in Nashville, Tennessee. This new truss gives the user a product that is designed for use as both vertical tower and horizontal truss, and even allowing for use when turned on its side! Single pattern fork end connectors round out the features, giving more flexibility in a single truss than ever before.

Innovation extended into the realm of Pointman Lifting Products, with the introduction of the “Flex Phase” dual phase chain hoist. Rolled out at LDI 2016, Flex Phase gives users the ability to operate a hoist on either 115 volt single phase or 230 volt three phase main power. It’s like getting two hoists in one, ready to go on any show site. Capable of safely supporting loads up to 500 pounds, the Flex Phase hoist is ideal for clients whose projects span the range from small corporate events up to large-scale arena projects.

Heading into 2017 Total finds itself ready to take on all challenges our customers can bring to us. Additions to our manufacturing facility (more Haas machining centers, please!) as well as more training for our staff means the company is better equipped than ever for what lies ahead.

An industry leader for over two decades known for many custom one-off projects, Total Structures manufactures a full line of industry standard truss products and electric chain hoists at its US based facilities. Supporting customers in the concert, corporate, live event and industrial markets, Total Structures remains dedicated to helping its customers through support of the industry through training opportunities at its facility as well as continued support of the ESTA Technical Standards Program.

For further information, please contact Elmer Veith of Total Structures
on +1 404-315-6508
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