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Total Structures brings RSC Lightlock to North America 
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Total Structures brings RSC Lightlock to North America
Total Structures will use this year's LDI show to debut an industry-changing product: the RSC Lightlock. Developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the RSC Lightlock is a motion dampening unit which allows moving head lighting fixtures to be rigged on very lightweight hanging or flown structures. Designers will gain a new level of flexibility, with fixtures being able to be installed on pantographs, discreet pipe battens, or even just aircraft cable. This ability to achieve cleaner installations will allow moving lights to be used in more applications than ever before.

First shown last year in its prototype form, the RSC Lightlock received the only PLASA Gold Award for Innovation given to date. PLASA 09 saw the debut of the production units by our associates at Total Solutions Group. With exclusive rights from the RSC, Total Structures and Total Solutions Group will manufacture and distribute this revolutionary new product around the world.

Total Structures will debut the RSC Lightlock for the first time in the Americas at LDI 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Visitors to booth 1503 will have the opportunity to see the units up close, as well as in operation on the stand. Guests will see the units run through a programmed demo, and will be able to manually control a unit themselves. More information and videos of the RSC Lightlock in use can be found at www.rsclightlock.com
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