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Total Helps California Clean Up Its Act  
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Total helps California clean up its act

Total helps California clean up its act
Total Structures was recently proud to supply a completely custom truss structure which is being used to prototype a new method of reducing diesel emissions from locomotives and cargo ships.

The structure, which measures a massive 126ft long by 27ft wide and 30ft tall supports nearly 90,000 lbs of machinery and was designed in collaboration with our customer, a specialist in the clean-up and prevention of environmental waste.

The truss is used to support a moving smokestack scrubber that helps reduce emissions. This pollution control device, which is still being tested, makes an airtight seal over a vehicle’s or vessel's emission stack. The pollutants are then channeled through a scrubber and a converter, leaving behind water vapor and a thick black paste.

Initially tested in the Roseville area of California, the device, if successful, could be deployed in other locations throughout the country where the air has long been fouled by idling trains and ships.

Total designed the structure in such a way so that it could be reconfigured in different configurations accommodating various tests of the aforementioned equipment as well as for the locomotive and cargo ship use, all without modification. Due to the initial requirements for use in California it was also necessary to design the structure to withstand massive seismic events as well as 80 mph wind gusts.

The main grid was based on a variant of Total's Extra Heavy Duty Truss using the Omni Fork-End connection. The towers used a similar means of connection and were based on a 24" square tower often used for extreme vertical load requirements.

The project was also recently covered in detail in the Los Angeles Times.

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