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Total Expands into Vegas and East Coast (08-03-06)
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Total Expands into Vegas and East Coast

Total Expands into Vegas and East Coast
Total Structures are pleased to announce the opening of two new facilities to further support their U.S. customers.

Firstly they have reached agreement with fellow CM Lodestar distributor Silver State Wire Rope and Rigging to stock over $100,000 of truss products at their warehouse in Las Vegas.  These products will be available for purchase either through Silver State or directly from Total Structures.

Adrian Forbes-Black, Vice President, explained the agreement.  “Amazingly Vegas is still a fast growing market for us and despite the fact that we are one, if not the, closest major truss manufacturer to Vegas we do still get calls asking if we know where a customer can get a particular truss from that afternoon!  Sometimes the six-hour drive isn’t a problem but sometimes it is.  With this in mind we have reached an agreement with our customer Silver State for them to manage a reasonable stock of truss in Vegas for just those occasions.”

Initially the warehouse will hold standard lengths of the most common truss sizes including 12” Light Duty and 20.5” Medium Duty.  However Forbes-Black is keen to point out that it won’t just be the most common sizes that will be available.  “During our research on this project we found out that most people struggle to get the less common sizes such as 4ft and 3ft sections as quickly as they would have liked.  With this in mind we have decided to make the Vegas warehouse the home for all our quirky stock!  Need a couple of 4ft’ers this afternoon?  No problem.”

Even more significantly Total Structures are also very pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of a sales office in Atlanta, Georgia.  The office will be managed by Elmer Veith, who until recently was the long-term Sales Manager of Atlanta Rigging Systems.

Forbes-Black explains this further expansion.  “We have known for a long while that although we have been very strong in the Western and Central areas of the country the three hour time difference from the East coast has definitely been a factor in our further growth.  With that in mind earlier this year we consciously decided to look at opening an office somewhere in the Eastern time zone.  When the opportunity to employ someone of Elmer’s caliber and experience arose the decision to open the office in Atlanta made perfect sense.  It’s our hope that being in Georgia will allow us easy access to the large markets in Florida and Tennessee as well as not being a million miles away from the other major cities situated on the East coast.”

Veith officially joined Total Structures on the 1st August, however the office will not be fully operational until the 12th September when he returns from his Honeymoon in Europe.  Contact details for the office will be available shortly and will be distributed accordingly.  He can be contacted immediately via his new e-mail address elmer@totalstructures.com.
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